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The Future of Customer Relationship Management

Mobile Technology and Social Media

In this postrecession economy, businesses are finding it increasingly important to change the way they communicate with customers. Traditional ad campaigns and marketing channels are no longer enough to capture the hearts and minds of consumers. These new trends in technology and "always on" communications also work to magnify the problems that typically interfere with

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Front-to-Back-Office Integration

The final piece in the customercentric jigsaw

Independent research suggests that back-office connectivity is not adequately addressed by many Customer Relationship Management (CRM) implementations. In these cases, customer data cannot be shared effectively and business processes are punctuated by errors, delays, and paperwork. Over the long term, this can negatively impact overall customer satisfaction, as well as increase ...

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Four Ways Integrated CRM-ERP Solutions Improve Productivity

While the economy is once again growing, uncertainty remains. As a result, even as organizations make investments to grow their business, they continue to look for ways to squeeze greater efficiency from their operations while minimizing costs. They recognize that technology plays a huge role in these efforts and are ramping up their IT investments. One important area where organizations ...

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Enhance Your Business Relationships With Sage CRM

Imagine: Your top sales professional calls your best customer to sell him a new product. What he doesn’t know is that the customer initiated a customer service ticket last week and did not pay last month’s bill. Needless to say, the call goes badly. Same customer, different scenario: This time, your sales professional and your customer service rep know everything there is to know ...

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Top 13 Benenfits to your Sales Team and your Bottom Line - of Integrating CRM with Accounting

What happens when your front-ofice (Sales, Service, Support) and your back-ofice (Accounting) are sharing information about your customers' activity?

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The Benefits of Sage CRM

Investing in a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application is no different than any other business management software investment—whether you are looking for an enterprise-level software application or a department-level solution, you expect a quick and measurable return on your investment. Before investing in a CRM application, consider several aspects of the application ...

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SData in Sage CRM: Raising the bar on Integration

Sage is a global provider of business solutions to small and mid-sized businesses worldwide. With over 6.1 million customers, it is imperative that it leverages such an asset. With such a vast portfolio of business solutions, it is vital that Sage creates a holistic and connected experience for customers who deploy more than one Sage solution for their business. Customers’ need ...

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SageCRM 2010 Product Vision

Sage has recently published a powerful and pragmatic vision for the company’s family of CRM and contact management solutions. The Sage CRM Solutions 2010 Strategy (CRM 2010) articulates a bold and uncompromising product strategy which puts user needs squarely at the center of product development, and is accompanied by an impetus to deliver real, compelling enhancements within a ...

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Relationship Management: Using Information to Enhance Supplier, Customer, and Employee Interactions

Business Relationship Management means everyone in the organization, from the Controller to the Warehouse Manager, has access to information about every aspect of the customer's experience, and can be involved and take responsibility when it makes sense. It multiplies the value of CRM.

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Your Guide to Email Marketing A Cost-effective Way to Reach Your Customers and Prospects

Email marketing is proven to be one of the most cost effective ways to reach out to your customers and prospects. This guide to email marketing will help increase your return on investment.

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