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Business Applications Hosting


Utilize blyCloud to host mission-critical business applications and avoid the hassle of managing server hardware, updates, and the costs of purchasing new equipment. 80% of IT resources are spent on maintenance rather than adding new value to your business. blyCloud eliminates your team’s need to spend time supporting complex servers, backing up data, and upgrading infrastructure. This allows your team to focus on other important IT initiatives. 

Each hosting package comes with: 

  • 24/7 support
  • consistent access to tools
  • dependable network
  • reliable performance
  • unmetered traffic

Reach out to a blyCloud expert today to get started.

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Need help? Blytheco has you covered!

blyCloud clients can expect the following response times:

  • Help Desk—45 minutes
  • Phone—90 seconds (Monday-Friday, 8 AM-5 PM PT)
  • Email—15 minutes

If blyCloud fails to respond within 45 minutes, you will be credited five times the amount of time exceeding our SLA commitment (e.g., if your ticket waits 1 hour past our stated initial response time guarantee, your account will receive a 5-hour hosting credit).

Phone: 844.529.4190



Whenever we have a problem, Blytheco customer service is always great. We are grateful to have the support of a partner who is looking out for our business’ best interests.

—Greta Young, Controller Southern Towing Company


Data is encrypted on secure drives. Access to servers and data is limited to users with authenticated access.

Backups are done using Datto technology, performed every hour, and stored both onsite for quick access and in the Datto Encrypted Cloud.


Your data is stored in a Primary Data Center and replicated to the Datto Cloud for redundancy, as well as stored in an offsite replication via Azure.

Customers send data to us, and it is uploaded to the data center. We accept data either via physical drives or digitally.

There are two ways to access blyCloud:

  • HTML5 compatible browser
  • Parallels RAS desktop application
    • available for Windows, MAC, IOS, and Android
    • helpful for those needing direct desktop support for Sage, Dynamics, Epicor, and Quickbooks.

We do not support outside Active Directory authentication to our facility. However, we do support multi-factor authentication for an additional fee of $6.00/per user/per month. 

We currently support Duo, recommended for all hosting customers.

You can request a restore at any time. If you wish the restore to be done with physical drives, there will be a charge. We only provide digital files, not physical drives.

Please note: There are no additional costs for restores; all services are managed.

We do track login attempts to each server, but we do not supply these logs unless requested. You may request access logs at any time. Please note: Requests require 24 hours to process.

Yes. Here are a few important policy features:

  • We do not allow access from outside the United States without specific policy requirements.
  • We do not sell outside the United States at this time.
  • We do not share information with anyone outside of the company.

blyCloud’s network is secured by installing and maintaining industry-standard firewall configurations to protect data. We avoid the use of vendor-supplied passwords and other security defaults and only allow traffic when it is acceptable to our security policy.

Yes. We assign a unique ID to each person with computer access. To access the network, you must be a named user with a working email address. We do not allow generic logins for accounts.

We test quarterly for security, monthly for backup, and daily for access lists.

We protect sensitive data with encryption in transit and at rest. We use SSL High Level Encryption, only accessed through our software. All transfers are secure.

We use industry-standard products to continuously monitor the networks. Additionally, we use industry-leading, US-based antivirus software.

Client may terminate this Agreement via written notice to Blytheco at least thirty (30) days prior to the next billing date.

You can easily check the status of our blyCloud hosting services by visiting the blyCloud Status Page.  Additionally, you can subscribe to updates to ensure you are always aware of any potential downtimes. 

blyCloud Status Page:


Avoid the hassle of managing server hardware, updates, and the up-front costs of purchasing new equipment. Host your business-critical applications with blyCloud. 

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