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What is Sage BusinessWorks?

Designed for complete business visibility, Sage BusinessWorks gives you the management tools you need to succeed. Robust, easy-to-use features and in-depth reporting give you the power to maximize efficiency, discover new revenue opportunities, and take control of your company’s success.

Sage BusinessWorks Reporting Gives You:
  • Drill-down capabilities to the details of transactions
  • Drill-down capabilities to the task screen
  • Three levels of report customization:
    • Quick Reports for those who want to add, subtract, or move fields, or change the filter or sort options.
    • Comprehensive Reports for those who are more comfortable in the report design arena. Allows you to add, subtract, or move fields, add calculations, add your own drill-down or drill-to fields, and more.
    • SQL Report Programming available with the Custom Office module. This option is available in the Comprehensive Reports option.
  • Virtually unlimited calculation abilities
  • Access to all company data fields
  • Option of adding tables to existing reports with  the Custom Office module
  • Columnar Quick Reports so they export into Microsoft® Excel® exactly as seen on screen
  • Data pull capabilities from multiple modules through the Custom Office module for better business decisions
  • Protection by utilizing the existing Sage BusinessWorks security model


Easy Navigation Saves You Time

Consistent design and an intuitive interface make Sage BusinessWorks easy to set up, learn, and navigate. Because it’s designed to work the way you do, tasks can be easily launched through a traditional menu or through a simple HTML interface. Shortcuts can be defined for fast access to frequently used options, or tasks can be launched automatically through the Startups feature, saving valuable time. BusinessWork even provides built-in checklists to step you through  periodic processes—saving you time and reducing processing errors.

Make Informed Management Decisions

BusinessWorks has extensive report customization options to give everyone the data they need, when they need it. With more than 250 presentation-quality reports built into the system, in addition to the built-in custom report writer and spreadsheet creator, the reporting system helps you create reports designed to meet your unique needs. BusinessWorks uses Crystal Reports® and F9 Report Writer to provide greater flexibility for companies with complex reporting requirements.

Increase Profitability Through Greater Efficiency

Simplify and streamline key business functions, as well as daily business activities. BusinessWorks gives you an instant link to critical, up-to-the-minute accounting information to help you make the most informed business decisions. Every transaction within the product leaves an audit trail and double entry accounting practices, all of which are designed to help protect your company from fraudulent activities. The flexibility and comprehensive functionality of BusinessWorks affords possibilities that were previously unattainable for growing businesses.

The Right Solution for Your Growing Business

For small businesses that have outgrown basic accounting packages, Sage BusinessWorks is a powerful, easy-to-use solution that puts every aspect of your business in clear view. Sage BusinessWorks puts the information that’s vital to the success of your business right at your fingertips. This affordable accounting solution provides extensive reporting capabilities, unmatched ease of use, and the ability to grow with your business.


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