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A culture built on strong foundations, maintained by our awesome team members


Blytheco is a team of professionals focused on continued improvement, transparency, and fun.


Our philosophies, shared attributes, and focus on excellence allow us to serve as trusted advisors to our clients.


Our team has over 40 years of social impact, giving back, and making a difference in our community.


We invest in all of our team members’ development, continuous education, and tools for advancement.

"I would describe the culture as open to new ideas, high-performing, warm, connected, highly transparent and continuously learning. We care deeply for one another and we couple that with high accountability."

"I have been with Blytheco for close to 14 years. Why have I been here so long? Because I love the people and the energy! Blytheco is a company that feels like family. They are constantly encouraging you to challenge yourself and grow."

"Blytheco hands down, has been the best company I have ever worked for. From day one you feel a part of the Team and Blytheco Culture. Each employee lives and breathes the culture that is embedded by our great leadership. It feels SO refreshing working for a company that cares for their employees as much as Blytheco does."

"The consulting team is comprised of a team of super hard working people that truly love what they do and want to perform their best for the customer and Blytheco!"

"As our solutions grow, so do the resources and tools that are made available to employees, so they are able to expand their business knowledge and grow both personally and professionally."

"Having engaged, productive, high performing talent is what sets this Team apart. The energy in the halls is infectious!"


We keep you informed, make decisions together, and leverage YOUR feedback to grow Blytheco!


Every month, we meet as a company to assess our strategic goals, review financial performance, discuss business updates, strategize on challenges, award individuals, and celebrate team successes. This is an opportunity for the entire team to stay connected.


Annually each team member has the opportunity to assess their team, provide feedback, and identify growth opportunities for one another. We regularly conduct 1:1 meetings where team members and managers can connect and provide a consistent feedback loop.


Each year we invest in an outside resource to gather company-wide feedback, assess employee engagement, and identify areas to better our company. Each year we implement new strategies taking everyone's feedback into account. 


We invite all team members together for an annual company retreat. This is a time for us to engage, innovate, strategize, and brainstorm together. Together we learn, celebrate, play, and award one another. This event reinvigorates us as a team and energizes us for the coming year. 











Years of Social Impact


Charity Events


Families and Lives Touched


Charities Impacted




Blytheco is dedicated to investing in long-term team member success. We offer continuous learning opportunities, education reimbursement options, facilitated training programs, and a customized leadership development tract.

Learning Management System (LMS)

Our internal course catalog consists of a wide array of tools, videos, assessments, certifications, and resources to enhance onboarding and training as well as encourage growth paths that take your career to the next level.

Education and Development

We know that education and learning are critical to growth and professional development. As one of our core values, we invest in funding your continued education, skills, and certifications to advance your career. 

Future Leadership Opportunities

The Blytheco leadership program offers an in-depth curriculum for equipping select team members with leadership training, mentorship, and guidance to prepare them for future leadership opportunities within our organization.

Strategic Training and Recruitment (STAR)

Our STAR program was created to identify candidates with essential attributes to help launch their careers. We offer a solid foundation of tools, structured curriculum, training, and mentorship by subject matter experts.


1. You Never Settle for Second Best

And neither do we! We’ve been a mover, shaker, and innovator in the software industry for over 40 years. We didn’t achieve NetSuite 5-Star, Acumatica Gold, and Sage Diamond Partner status by settling for second best.

2. Your Brand and Reputation Mean Everything to You

​As do ours! We pride ourselves on not only being a destination employer, but one that’s been recognized and awarded for delivering exceptional client experiences. We live by our 100/0 mantra and create trusted relationships with colleagues and clients.​

3. Our Compassionate, Inspirational Leadership Team

We're proud to have some of best and brightest leaders in our industry. Our Board of Directors alone possess over 150 years of combined industry experience. Under their guidance, along with the wisdom and leadership of our leadership team, Blytheco is soaring to new heights.

4. Our Award-Winning Culture

If you crave a warm, respectful, genuine culture that encourages camaraderie, teamwork, and fun, this is the place to be. We invite you to discover why we’ve been voted One of the Best Places to Work, Top Places to Work, and have been awarded an AWE Workplace Seal of name a few. 

5. You Possess an Unrelenting Commitment to Quality

As do we! With the highest implementation success and Net Promoter Scores in our industry, our clients benefit from engaged team members focused on delivering exceptional experiences and results.

6. You’re a Lifelong Learner

Continuous learning is one of our core values. Our custom internal Learning Management System and Anytime Learning portals are full of insightful and Blytheco-centric training programs. We have an abundance of continuous learning opportunities and tools at your disposal.

7. You’re on a Personal Quest for Excellence

Quest (For Excellence), our annual company retreat, is an event you don’t want to miss! Imagine spending several days collaborating and having fun with your colleagues from all over the country. These action-packed days (and nights) are filled with training, team building, guest speakers, fun, and so much more.

8. F-U-N!

Speaking of F-U-N, we’d love for you to join our FUN Committee. The more, the merrier! We work hard and play even harder. Who doesn’t enjoy a good cookie bake-off, virtual trivia contest, costume contest, or corn hole contest to break up their day?

9. Leadership Program

We set clearly defined growth paths that encourage you to reach for the stars. Our leadership program equips future leaders with the skills, strategies, and techniques needed to motivate, coach, and mentor team members. Our enlightened approach is based on a solid foundation of integrity, mutual respect, and collaboration.

10. Employee Recognition Programs

We’ve been blessed with truly incredible team members that are masters of their craft, and we recognize their commitment to excellence every chance we get. You'll enjoy monthly and annual award recognition as well as fun virtual ways to celebrate and reward one another.


...Okay, so we didn’t stop at just 10 Top Reasons to join Blytheco. What can we say? We’re overachievers!

11. You Want to Change the World

You care about the world and want to make an impact. We couldn’t agree more. Over the years, we’ve honored our founders philanthropic backbone by supporting hundreds of charities and families through the Blytheco foundation. We help secure employment for service men and women, offer youth mentorship, sponsor non-profits, and more. This is our bigger "why" that extends beyond software. 

12. You Seek Positive Transformation

Transforming companies is what we do for our clients. But why stop there when we have the power to positively transform careers? Experience a career metamorphosis and reignite the passion for what you do by joining our team. We guarantee that you’ll be challenged, rewarded, and warmly welcomed.


Our team is our biggest asset. For over 40 years, we’ve successfully demonstrated what it means to be a leader in our industry and it starts with valuable individuals like you!