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White Paper

Reducing Overtime

Controlling Time Off Through Better Scheduling

The key to efficiency is planning—planning for raw materials, production processes, transportation time and, most importantly, staffing. When it comes to the day-to-day operations, effective planning is built on the smart scheduling of your workforce.

White Paper

How to Attract Top Talent for Your Organization

In this white paper, we'll share what we have learned on our journey to becoming a destination employer that has candidates seeking jobs at our firm before we post available job openings. In this white paper, we will openly share our trade secrets, including tips from our recruiting master, Michelle Day, so that you can benefit from the techniques we have used to transform our

Training Video

How Do I Retain Top Talent for Our Organization?

In this video, we will share with you the top three most impactful things you can do to retain top talent in your organization. From executives to managers to peers, seeing key employees move on can be demoralizing. So What steps can you take to ensure you are retaining your key employees?

Blytheco HCM Solutions

Maximize Your Investment in Your Employees


4 Reasons to Engage your Workforce with a Community


How do you encourage richer collaboration and innovation within your company without the right tools in place to foster these interactions? The solution — an employee community that gives all of your employees instant access to all of the experts, data and people they need to get the job done from anywhere.


HR Technology

Lessons for Building an Irrefutable Business Case

One of the concerns facing HR managers today is finding new ways to automate processes, streamline communications, and make their teams more strategic. Justifying the cost of a new HRIS / HRMS, or upgrading an existing one, is always challenging. But knowing how a new, or upgraded, HRIS can streamline and support your entire organization will help build a more compelling business ...


The Revolution of Carrier Connectivity

How Successful HR Teams Save Time and Money

Carrier connectivity uses secure technology to transfer benefits enrollment selections made by employees directly, immediately, accurately and securely to insurance carriers. Studies have shown that this specific use of automation in the enrollment process ensures accuracy in benefits enrollment and life changes, protects from inadvertent over-charges, helps companies stay compliant, ...


How to Automate Open Enrollment

A paperless process saves time, eliminates errors and increases employee satisfaction.

Open enrollment season is one of the most stressful times for an HR department. Piles of paper and folders, phones ringing off the hook, answering the same questions over and over, deciphering messy handwriting … it’s time-consuming and fraught with the potential for errors. So how can HR managers use open enrollment to achieve greater employee satisfaction, while saving time and

Recorded Webinar

Employee Satisfaction vs Employee Engagement

Why you need to know the difference

Deep dive with Donna Baeza,Blytheco's Director of Human Resources & HRMS as she uncovers the vast difference between ‘employee satisfaction' surveys and 'employee engagement' surveys. Donna will also introduce you to Focal Employee Engagement, the powerful cloud-based employee engagement survey tool that is easy to setup, easy to administer and will give you meaningful & actionable ...