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"Ma" Williams - The Facts:

Company: Ma Williams Manufactured Homes
Industry: Manufactured Homes
Location: Hemet, CA
Software: Sage CRM
Problem: Loss of clients and profitability due to complex, undocumented sales process.
Solution: Implementing and customizing Sage CRM

“If we didn’t have this system in place when the economy went south, I don’t think we would still be [in business].”

Kelly Williams-Walsh, CEO

Longtime Blytheco Client “Ma” Williams Manufactured Homes, Inc. is one of Southern California’s premier manufactured and modular home dealerships.  They are a third generation, family owned company. Customer centric in nature, the Ma Williams team helps their clients throughout all phases of the home buying process from securing finances, titles and permits, working contractors to finally delivering keys to their brand new house.

Because the sales and building process is lengthy, there is a long check list of items that must be punched before the job is considered complete.  Titles must be cleared.  Lenders must approve loans.  Permits must be obtained.  Contractors must be managed.  Owner and CEO Kelly Williams-Walsh notes that the company used to manually track information so poorly, that it caused them around $3Million in revenue.

“During our busy seasons,” Kelly shares, we were losing a whole lot of business because many details were falling through the cracks.  Since purchasing a factory built home is such an involved process, our customers sometimes felt like they were on their own or like our team wasn’t’ paying attention to us, so they’d bail out of the process mid-sale. We were giving our clients a very poor experience.

“Another challenge we had that would frequently cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars was not having visibility into critical details.  Many times, customers would request changes on their home throughout the process, which usually resulted cost increases.  Our CRM system at the time was not flexible enough to allow our sales people to adequately keep track of these changes.  What would often end up happening at deal closing is thousands of additional dollars were owed but never collected from the clients.  At that point, it was a done deal.  We couldn’t get the loan modified; neither could we ask the customer to come out of pocked.  So we would end up eating the costs and eroding our profits.”

“ Our sales team has been with us for a long time and now they say, ‘Gosh, we couldn’t go work for a competitor because they probably wouldn’t have a system like this to work with"

The CRM system Ma Williams previously had simply wasn’t capable or flexible enough to manage the demands of their very detailed process.  In their search for a more customizable solution, they were referred to connect with Phil Sim, Blytheco’s VP of Professional Services.  Kelly shares simply, “We fell in love with Phil and decided to go with him for the process!”

Blytheco helped Ma Williams transition to Sage CRM and designed customer workflows for their unique process.  Says Phil Sim: “There’s probably no work flow that has as many steps or is as complicated with as many fields as Ma Wiliams!”  The customizations allows Ma Williams’ team to have their sales process mapped out as well as manage the documents associated with the various stages of purchasing the home.  No more critical information (and dollars) falling through the cracks!

Although it took a little time to get their user to adapt, now Ma Williams sales team gushes about their Sage CRM system.  Each user is able to create their own functionality with the system that helps them to work more productively. Kelly shares, “Our sales team has been with us for a long time and now they say, ‘Gosh, we couldn’t go work for a competitor because they probably wouldn’t have a system like this to work with and it would be almost impossible to do what we do without great technology support.

Because Ma Williams implemented Sage CRM prior to the economic downturn of 2008, she credits the tightened processes and the system with helping them whether the overall decline in sales during that period.  Kelly shared, “If we didn’t have this system in place when the economy went south, I don’t think we would still be here.  I tell people that it was one of the reasons we were able to make it through.  Our Sage CRM helped our people to be able to work from home and closely monitor the projects we did have.  We were able to effectively engage the leads we had and keep very close tabs on our customer’s progress through the home sale and build cycle.  Now that the market has swung in the other direction, our technology had us already positioned to effectively capitalize on new opportunities and continue our growth trajectory.”

Says Phil Sim: “Kelly and the Ma Williams team is an ideal client who had both a vision of improving the efficiency of their organization, while focusing on the customer experience.  Being able to leverage the process and workflow components of Sage CRM differentiated their organization by providing critical tools to the sales staff. It also gave them an infrastructure which enabled an amazing experience between them and their customers.  It’s been a pleasure to be a part of making their vision a reality.  I look forward to Blytheco being a Ma Williams partner for many more years to come!”


Ma Williams Manufactured Homes

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