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Exceptional Customer Service

Deliver fast, efficient customer service

Winning a new customer is only the beginning of what should be a long and profitable relationship. But keeping customers happy means ensuring they get what they want, when they want it. From defining processes, to tracking cases and solutions, you can resolve customer issues effortlessly.

Sage CRM is designed to help you manage and resolve customer inquiries and issues efficiently and effectively. You have access to the customer information you need.

Your customer service staff gains full access to every customer communication, so you can have meaningful and satisfactory interactions with your customers.

Sage CRM Customer Service Benefits

  • Manage your customer accounts with insight and collaboration
  • Respond to customer cases quickly. Reduce response times to customer service requests
  • Enables agents to quickly and accurately find the right answer the first time
  • Increases customer satisfaction measurements and benchmarking
  • Increases productivity of customer support representatives
  • Provides self-service facility to customers around common issues
  • Enables customer issues to be tracked and responded to, regardless of who answers the phone or receives the email
  • Monitors service performance against service level agreements
  • Reduces customer support costs and cost of customer retention
  • Decreases the number of customer complaints received and increases customer retention
  • Enables benchmarking/score carding of customer service operations on an on-going basis
  • Delivers a single view of relevant and comprehensive information on the interactive dashboard

Sage CRM - Manage the customer service process

Video: Manage the customer service process

Video: Manage the customer service process

Sage CRM - interactive customer support

Video: Helping you manage the marketing process

Video: Deliver 24/7, interactive customer support

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