Sage 500 Office (formerly Sage MAS 500 Office)

Build Strong Customer Relationships
The Sage 500 ERP (formerly Sage MAS 500) Office module helps you use the power of automation to build stronger, more lasting customer relationships through enhanced communications. It is a valuable component that is included with Sage 500 ERP.

With Office, you can use predefined, customizable templates to help you automatically (or manually) generate business communications that incorporate application data. You can save time while boosting productivity as you create a wide range of highly customized documents, including business letters, emails, or spreadsheets, without ever leaving Sage 500 ERP.

Any authorized user in your organization can quickly and easily create a new template or one-time document without any programming knowledge. Simply open an existing Sage 500 ERP template, make any necessary modifications, and save the new template. Through Office, you can leverage familiar productivity tools to gain new efficiencies in business communications and customer service.
Benefits of Sage 500 Office:
  • Create New Templates Create a wide choice of templates for your letters, emails, and spreadsheets.
  • Generate Templates Easily select existing templates and generate customized communications.
  • Sage 500 ERP Office Functions Facilitate the launch of frequently performed operations from the Office toolbar.
  • Easy Access to Documents Leverage the Sage 500 ERP memo manager to attach a variety of files directly to Sage 500 ERP records.
Sage 500 Office
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