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Expand the functionality of your Sage 500 accounts receivable module with these customizations. These custom add-ons are developed using the to provide a seamless integration to the core Sage 500 suite. Benefits include the ability to minimize or avoid source code level changes to the standard product, reducing the impact of applying Sage 500 service packs. These enhancements provide specific functionality in the area of accounts receivable.
EZContentManager - Document Management for Sage 500
EZCM redefines document management, turning your Sage 500 system into a comprehensive business management platform, improving customer service, and increasing efficiency by eliminating the need for paper files and time-consuming research. Storage of business-critical information in a common platform facilitates faster and better decision-making across the enterprise.
Sage 500 Sales Tax Powered by Avalara
With Sage 500 Sales Tax, you get the big business protection of sales tax automation without breaking your budget, straining your internal resources, or compromising on functionality. With the peace of mind of sales tax compliance—and the cost benefits of dramatically streamlined order-entry and remittance processes—Sage 500 Sales Tax could be the best technology investment your business makes this year.
M5-AR-1020 Cash Receipts Check Scan Utility
For businesses that process a large number of checks on a daily basis, the AR Cash Receipts Check Scan Utility is ideal. With the installation of a compatible check reader, the Check Scan Utility allows the user to scan bank checks quickly and efficiently. Once the scan is complete, the utility automatically pulls up the corresponding customer account based on the customer’s pre-programmed bank account number in Sage 500. To prevent duplicate entries, a warning message will appear if the user tries to scan the same check more than once in the same batch. As an added feature, the scanned check image may be stored with the original transaction and viewed at any time via the cash receipts inquiry screen. These images may be kept with their corresponding cash receipts for an indefinite period of time.
M5-AR-1000 Customer Merge Utility
Every business runs more efficiently with a database that is well-maintained and up-to-date. With the Customer Merge Utility, you have the ability to easily clean up your existing data and consolidate multiple customer accounts as the need arises. Duplicate activity is eliminated by combining current duplicate accounts into one accurate account. During the consolidation, all of the customer data is transferred to the merged account so that no data is lost. The result -- increased efficiency and improved customer service -- two essential ingredients for success.
M5-AR-1010 Cash Receipts API
This API is SQL based and allows exposure to cash receipts imports into a new cash receipts batch.
M5-AR-1030 Authorize to Purchase
The “Authorized for Purchase” enhancement allows the Sage 500 (MAS 500) user control what items may be sold to their various customers.
M5-AR-1060 Customer/Item Sales Budget
This enhancement adds the capability to record customer sales budget by customer and Items. This information can be imported into the Grid and de-activated as it imports.
M5-AR-1090 Customer Equipment Management
Allows for equipment management to be managed on a customer maintenance screen. Equipment maintenance can be tracked by customer and reported via BIE
M5-AR-1110 Cash Receipts Write off and Chargebacks
This enhancement allows the user to perform multiple Write Offs and Additional Charges based on each entry in cash receipt; this enhancement will create a new AR Invoice Batch based on the additions or deductions to the Chargeback input.
M5-GL-1060 Rebate Co-Op Enhancement
Recommended for distributors and manufacturers who have a strong customer base with whom they need to track rebate and co-op amounts, this enhancement provides a time-saving means of doing so. The package allows the user to program and maintain rebates and co-op amounts in a central location, reducing the risk of accounting errors at the time of invoicing. Once the initial set-up is complete, the pre-programmed amounts are calculated automatically when a sales order is created and are posted during invoice processing.
M5-AR-2010 Sales Order API Supporting Cash Deposits
Ability to import Sales Order and adds deposits to the sales order that can be applied; SQL based API
M5-AR-2020 Select Payments by Customer Class
Ability to view selection of cash receipts payments by customer class
M5-AR-2030 Statement Memo and Unapplied Payment Filter
This enhancement allows for unapplied Credit Memos and Statements to be removed from Statements when printing
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