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Sage HRMS Time and Labor Import

by Delphia Consulting

Sage HRMS Time and Labor Import, a Sage Endorsed solution, streamlines the process of validating and importing data from almost any data source into the Sage HRMS Payroll timecard file using an easy user interface. Importing time, data validation, code translation, and reporting are standard capabilities of Sage HRMS Time and Labor Import. In addition, Sage HRMS Time and Labor Import can be programmed to handle nonconforming formats of source data and perform complex calculations to save the payroll users from having to perform the calculations manually.

    Ensures consistent and accurate paychecks
    By using an automated process to import time and labor, paychecks will be consistent and accurate, keeping the organization in compliance with payroll regulations and helping to maintain positive employee morale.

    Saves time
    Eliminates data entry and manual editing of source data, reduces errors, and automatically adds pay codes to employee records.

    Supports secondary jobs
    Looks up the pay rate associated with a secondary job in Sage HRMS and applies it to the hours worked on the secondary job.

    Supports multiple pay types
    Both “hours worked” and “flat dollar” pay types may be imported.

    Supports data translation
    Tables can be defined to translate codes from the source file in to codes that are used by Sage HRMS Payroll.

    Supports complex calculations
    Calculates benefit accruals, complex overtime, tips allocations, and made-up wages for tipped employees.

    Generates validation reports
    Reports on earning summary, earning detail reports, missing pay setup, calculation results details, and a calculation results summary that can be used to validate payroll calculations.

    Flexible and extendable
    Sage HRMS Time and Labor Import can be programmatically extended to support complex requirements.