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Sage HRMS OrgPlus

Easily assess your current organizational structure and respond to your company’s changing needs with the industry-standard organizational charting software for company-wide communication and planning. Sage HRMS OrgPlus helps you and your employees better understand your company’s strategy and structure, as well as everyone’s role in achieving organizational objectives. Sage HRMS OrgPlus facilitates these objectives by including a variety of features, such as data management, organizational planning, and intuitive chart creation and formatting. Publish your charts directly to a website or your intranet, and refresh the data on a predefined schedule of your choosing with advanced publishing capabilities.

Sage HRMS OrgPlus Datasheet


  • Chart creation
  • Chart publishing, printing, and sharing
  • Schedule updates
  • Business planning tools
  • Integrated data management
  • Chart customization
  • Flexible formatting
  • Microsoft office integration
Organizational chart creation
Automatically create organizational charts by linking directly to your Sage HRMS database. Easily break large, complex charts into easy-to-manage hyperlinked subcharts to make the information more understandable and manageable. Create multiple, unique chart tabs within one file to present different views of the organization.

Integrated data management
Plan for organizational scenarios by performing spreadsheet functions on data in chart boxes, such as rollup totals, averages, fractions, and standard deviations. Insert links to other files that contain employee-related information including budgets, employee resumes, or mission statements, and search and sort chart data within charts.

Business planning tools
Empower managers to create “what-if” business scenarios with dynamic drag-and-drop chart-building functionality. Test and create new scenarios and evaluate their impact by using built-in formulas to measure headcount and salaries.

Chart customization
Create visual impact by customizing your organizational chart with predefined templates or create one from scratch. Customize charts with fill effects including gradients and textures. Import pictures, names, titles, and information into each box, which will shrink or expand to fit your text perfectly with the ability to size logos and titles regardless of how large or small the scale of your chart.

Flexible formatting
Create multiple rows under one manager with multicolumn chart styles, import and manipulate pictures to boxes and backgrounds, change chart branch styles, and group boxes in your chart by right-clicking any box. Define an underlying background page that is common to all chart pages, which allows you to update global changes to your charts from one location.

Automatic email distribution
Define different email distribution lists for each organization chart file and keep everyone up to date on the latest organization structure additions, changes, and open positions.

Insert comments
Annotate your organization charts with comments. Use the “insert comment” command and add notes that relate to a box, branch, or your entire chart, just like in Microsoft Word. Share your charts with comments freely using OrgPlus Reader.

HTML publishing
With sophisticated toolbars and panels, sharing your organizational charts on the web is easier than ever. HTML publishing includes a search function and you can even download an .opx (OrgPlus) file directly from an HTML page.

Tree panel reorganization
New tree panel controls allow you to quickly add, delete, and edit records without navigating a cumbersome organization chart. A holistic view of your organization and simple drag-and-drop controls make crossdepartmental reorganization, or any sort of mass change, a breeze.

Template and sample chart business package
Sage HRMS OrgPlus is loaded with new ready-to-use charts including key business and HR metrics such as financial summary, headcount report by department, succession plan, gender ratio, span of control, and many more.

Merge charts
The process for planning a company reorganization is easy using Sage HRMS OrgPlus. A merge charts feature allows you to automatically merge two organizational plans into a single chart marking the records that have been changed and the author responsible for making the change. Company reorganizations that used to take days can now be done in just minutes.

Duplicate reporting management
Sage HRMS OrgPlus automatically detects alternate managers and includes them as a list in the box of an employee with multiple managers, giving you the ability to visualize multiple reporting relationships when looking at your true organizational structure. You can even navigate directly to a specific occurrence of an employee that appears multiple times in a chart.