Sage Fixed Assets software has undergone extraordinary changes over the past few years, resulting in a product that is easier to understand and use than ever before. Easy to install, customize, and use, Sage Fixed Assets (formerly FAS) is a comprehensive, seamlessly integrated fixed asset accounting program perfectly suited for businesses of any size.

Sage Fixed Assets Depreciation

Sage Fixed Assets—Depreciation
Enjoy simplified fixed asset tracking with comprehensive depreciation calculations including over 300,000 U.S. and Canadian regulations for businesses, governments, and nonprofits.


Sage Fixed Assets Tracking

Sage Fixed Assets—Tracking
Conduct thorough physical inventories of your fixed assets with an easy graphical step-by-step process and state-of-the-art mobile devices.

Sage Fixed Assets Planning

Sage Fixed Assets—Planning
Take control of your fixed assets before they even become fixed assets with flexible management of capital budgeting and construction-in progress projects.


Sage Fixed Assets Reporting

Sage Fixed Assets—Reporting
Create an endless variety of custom reports, including charts, graphs, and advanced formatting options.