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Increase picking efficiency through the management of sales orders. Functionality includes shipment preparation/picking, product status change, consolidated picking, pack and despatch bench, traceability, lot management.

Achieve process and product consistency and deliver high-quality goods. Functionality includes miscellaneous receipts/ issues, works order receipts/picks, and allocations within Sage X3.

Expand the knowledge and traceability of products, controlling business costs. Functionality includes: purchase order receipts management, Location transfers, inter-site transfers, stock count options, zones, and replenishment.

Utilizing Sage language sets, GS1-128 code awareness, Licence Plate Numbers at all levels, serial number ranges and unit of measure barcodes to expand business functionality.

Handheld barcode scanners or tablets can be used to rapidly capture serial numbers for Lot and batch traceability. Providing efficiencies critical for the pharmaceutical, retail, and food industries.

WHMX3 Consolidated Picking


Increase picking efficiency through the management of sales orders. Businesses achieve process and product consistency, improving customer relationships.

Using only the sage database, live, and in real-time, business-wide information is current with transactions, product movements and stock availability accurate and always up to date in Sage.

The accuracy of receipt put away, and picking, improves to 99.9% with Datalinx barcode scanning, compared to 90% or less when using a paper-based system

Keep the warehouse open and continue to trade, even during an annual audit or inventory count.  With Datalinx, location records are only locked at the point of doing an individual count.

Typically order output can increase up to 25%. Allowing businesses to achieve more with their existing staff.

Typically, system users see an ROI within 12 months.

WHMX3 Warehouse Scanning



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