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WorkPlace allows you to control spend during the entire purchasing & expense cycle, even before it starts. It is easy for users, effective for management, and powerful for accounting.

Control cost, gain real-time visibility into the entire spend workflow, ensure the best purchasing value, and implement any corporate policy, approval rule, and routing rule anywhere in the workflow.

Eliminate paper-based expense processes, create expense reports, submit, approve, book travel, pay, report, and analyze data easily, with full tracking, audit, and control during the entire travel and expense lifecycle.

Streamline PO and non-PO Transaction Entry, Approval, and Paperless Storage for Accounts Payable Invoices with the most flexible, scalable, and smart solution in the market.

Achieve more with supplier management and self-service, obtain vendors and suppliers information, free up AP and procurement team’s time, reduce cost, negotiate contracts, and focus on your long-term buying and relationship strategy.

1. Highlights Requisition Procurement


The ROI of automating various parts of the spend management lifecycle can be significantly reduced by the solution an organization implements. With Paramount WorkPlace, you can

  • Savings from increased labor efficiency
  • Reduce the buying cycles by up to 50 percent
  • Cut Purchasing cost by 65% per PO
  • Cut Expense management cost by 75% per expense report
  • Cut Accounts Payable cost by 85% per invoice
  • Cut supply costs by 10 percent
2. Benefits Workplace 4 Gen



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