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The integration on Appexchange provides updates on customer orders & information, invoice status bi-directionally and promotes customer, order data from to Sage ERP.

Configure additional inquiry screen of with new sections & any fields from Sage ERP. The lightning components interface allows synching of additional field values for Accounts.

Creates associated Opportunity with Quote items, promotes sales quote to ERP, processes the finished flow in Salesforce and transforms it to Order, converts record in ERP to Order.      

Using this feature Sales Representatives can promote an already existing Account in Salesforce as a Vendor in Sage ERP through GUMU™ lightning interface version.

Entity sync feature allows your enterprise the flexibility to map/ import any custom or standard Sage ERP like Sage X3 entity data into Salesforce objects. 

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Based on real-time information, businesses can make accurate decisions to connect business opportunities within the crucial time frame.   

Sales Representatives gain access to crucial client information on-the-go through portable devices like mobiles and tablets which helps in preventing lead loss.

Gain enhanced client experience due to faster resolution of queries and customized responses along with increased employee performance due to data consistency and reduced efforts.

The user-friendly dashboards provide improved reporting based on Sales information from ERP with real-time and bi-directional syncing of information.

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