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Critical information regarding Leads, Customers and Orders can be accessed on portable devices ensuring up-to-date information to sales and service teams.

GUMU™ connector selectively syncs Company’s master data like addresses, contact details and transactions on user-friendly Sage CRM tabs for a customer.

GUMU™ connector aids in multi-currency support wherein you can create orders in Sage CRM with the currency value defined in Sage 500 | Sage X3 | Sage 100.

The integration is made for the seamless import of customer details from Sage ERP to Sage CRM. Users can also opt for easy mapping of already existing records.

Sage CRM admin controls the system & configures Promote Order rights to Sage CRM users. The integration allows better order visibility on promoted Orders.

Easy Access
Realtime Bidirectional
Seamless Mapping
Promote Order


Enhanced end-client experience due to faster resolution of queries & personalized responses as sales, service teams can respond quickly to customer needs.

Increased employee productivity due to data consistency and non-redundancy providing enhanced agility to act on new information quickly.

Synchronize critical information like customer details, invoices, and orders generated in Sage CRM providing departments easy access to crucial data.

The integrated system allows Sage CRM Admin to map Sage ERP Salesperson with Sage CRM users eliminating selection of Salesperson on Order Entry.

Drive easy handling of multiple queries or multiple companies at an instance providing the user with highly efficient user experience.

Synchronize Information



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