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In order to compete with eCommerce giants, traditional retailers need to leverage every advantage they’ve got and turn their stores into great strategic assets. With Fusion’s ShoppingCart each physical, brick-and-mortar store you have becomes, in essence, a miniature fulfillment center all its own!

Today’s consumers have grown accustomed to greater and greater choice in how they shop. Whether it’s by physically going to a store to browse and make a purchase in person or by purchasing from the comfort of their homes, customers want the freedom to buy on their own terms.

Incorporating Fusion’s ShoppingCart as part of your omni-channel strategy allows you to meet this demand and appeal to different kinds of shoppers without alienating anyone. Ultimately, this would allow you to capture and retain more sales!

Fusion offers a flexible, highly scalable, and powerful suite of products and deployment options, giving you the flexibility to leverage our solutions based on the model that best suits your business needs and budget.

FusionPOS is a full-feature solution for those wanting centralized management in any retail environment, from simple one stores to highly distributed operations.

FusionWMS simplifies, streamlines and enhances Acumatica’s out of the box processes. Its intuitive user interface allows direct access to Acumatica’s functionality from anywhere there is an internet connection. No duplicate database, no syncing of data.

Fusion Loyalty is easy to use, web-based portal that provides a complete suite of programs and processing tools to help manage as well as improve your company’s performance.

  • Increase Sales & Revenue
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Calendar and events
  • Go digital. Go mobile

Fusion's OrderPad helps retailers service more customers, faster and more efficiently.

  • Built for Line Busting–This simple tablet-based app is an ideal extension of your POS, it’s there when you need it, and allows you to service customers anywhere in your store or away in location.
  • Instant Order Entry– Helps your staff to work directly with the customer anywhere in the store, saving time and reducing order errors.
  • Effortless Integration with FusionPOS – The OrderPadis fully integrated into your Fusion Point of Sale, allowing you to start, update and close a sale order in your tablet, while having it also available and accessible in your POS, and vice versa.
Fusion Shoppingcart



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