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Manage your data better with a secure, virtual file cabinet. Store, access, search, and send your documents anytime, from anywhere, on any device   

Manage approvals from anywhere and configure automated workflow processes based on your specific needs to keep business running seamlessly   

Capture documents generated internally and externally through a variety of methods including email, fax, scan, OCR, ERM, XML, barcode, and mobile.

Schedule and automatically distribute documents digitally based on receiver preferences (i.e. via email, fax, FTP, print) including supporting documents.

Allow your team to securely access, search, approve and capture documents outside the office on their mobile devices.

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Reduced or eliminate file cabinet & storage costs, printing & form costs and mailing & courier fees. Allows you to do more without adding additional staff.  

Streamlined processes resulting in decreased cycle times, simplified audits, and instant document retrieval.

Users can manage to the exception with sophisticated reporting and auditing capabilities, workflow automation, and alerts/notifications.

Avoid security breach with document access permissions that can be defined at a very granular level – right down to a document’s individual property values.

DocLink connects to the ERP so you can match purchase orders, receivers, vendor invoices for quick reconciliation, streamlining paper matching processes.

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