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Fast and easy financing for software & technology. 100% of project costs included in the financing. Turn subscriptions & renewals into monthly payments.

Up to $500,000 in Application Only financing – no financial statements required. Less time and paperwork for you to apply.

Turn the subscription and the project costs into one, fixed monthly payment with financing from Dimension Funding. Instead of a big outlay of cash, save working capital & lines of credit by financing the entire cost.

Allows you to lock in current pricing, helps you to avoid large upfront capital investment, and can potentially save you money by purchasing multi-year subscriptions.

Our financing solution combines a software subscription, services, and equipment from other manufacturers for one easy monthly payment. Training & implementation costs of new software can be as much as the software itself. By combining the financing of the software and project costs, you can turn it into one monthly payment for the term of the subscription.

Services can be financed on a standalone agreement for a term matching the length of the service contract. If you are in need of financing for maintenance or services and not for the software, this could be the solution for you.

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Save working capital/credit lines by financing your software purchases & renewals. 100% of project costs included in financing.

Generally, approvals take less than two business days. Sometimes approvals within a few hours. Funding

We use online applications and DocuSign to make applying for financing as simple, easy, and fast.

Under IRS Section 179, you can write off up to $1,040,000 on your taxes. With Bonus Depreciation, up to $2,590,000 can be written off. (Not intended to be legal advice. Talk to your accountant to learn more.)

We offer regular financing promotions. Ask about our 90 Days Deferred Payments promotion. Get the software now but make your first payment 90 days later. Other promotions may be available.

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We work with clients like you to explore your options, document your challenges, and implement the right solutions for your business. Fill out this form, and one of our Blytheco Solutions Specialists will reach out promptly.

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