APS: Advanced Planning and Scheduling Software

PlanetTogether APS takes production planning and control to a whole new level with simultaneous finite scheduling of machines, labor, and tooling. Plus with dynamic inventory allocation and multi-level pegging your schedules will be truly realistic and incredibly easy to manage.


Optimize Usage of Production Resources and Inventory with Advanced Scheduling Rules and Drag-and-Drop Scheduling.

Do you have problems scheduling production and adjusting for day-to-day changes? Are orders late because there is no visibility of capacity? Are you caught in a cycle of expediting without understanding the impact of changes?

PlanetTogether APS is one of the most powerful and easy-to-use Advanced Planning systems available. It quickly produces extremely accurate schedules that take into account machine, labor, tooling, and inventory constraints simultaneously.

PlanetTogether APS incorporates changes that are made to orders, resources, inventory, routings, and bills of material automatically, resulting in schedules that are always up to date.

Planners can perform "what-if" analysis to see the impact of proposed schedule changes to avoid making costly mistakes. Any changes can easily be evaluated with the Impact Monitor and undone when necessary. PlanetTogether APS gives you the visibility and tools you need to stay in control and deliver on time.

PlanetTogether Brochure (PDF 291 Kb)
Diedrich Coffee, Inc. Customer Case Study (PDF 321 Kb)
Diedrich Coffee, Inc. Testimonial Video (WMV 19 MB)


  • Dynamic Inventory Constraints
  • Machine/Labor/Tooling Constraints
  • Automated Optimization
  • Collaborative, multi-user planning
  • Detailed Impact Analysis
  • Drag and Drop rescheduling
  • Unlimited Undo/Redo of changes
  • Alternate resource assignment
  • Lock/Anchor/Expedite/Hold options
  • Resource & Job Gantts
  • E-Mail Alerts
  • Unlimited What-If Scenarios
  • Detailed shift and holiday calendars


  • Schedule by Resource
  • Schedule by Department
  • Impact Analysis
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Performance Monitor
  • Job Status
  • Online Work Dispatch
  • Resource utilization
  • Projected Inventory Plot & Grid
  • Change History


  • Easy integration to ERP and other external systems.
  • Import Resources, Jobs, Inventory
  • Export schedule dates and details
  • SQL Server, XML, or API
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