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Infor CRM (formerly Saleslogix) Support

Infor CRM Support provides powerful capabilities for tracking, managing and resolving product support issues. Saleslogix Support is part of the integrated Saleslogix customer relationship management suite, which also includes Sales, Marketing and Customer Service automation solutions. 

Sales and Marketing deliver customers to your business, but your Customer Support department keeps them with you for the long haul. With the costs of acquiring new customers 5-10 times higher than retaining existing customers, support solutions designed to help foster lasting relationships with your customers have a tremendous impact on the bottom line.

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Key Benefits

Streamline Support Center Activites

Infor CRM Support provides advanced issue tracking and resolution tools, enabling you to exceed customer expectations and internal performance goals. Manage call and defect tracking, service contract renewals and return material authorizations (RMAs).

Saleslogix also provides escalation alerts via phone, e-mail or pager, based on business rules you define.

Keep Critical Knowledge at Your Fingertips

The powerful SpeedSearch knowledge base in Infor CRM helps support professionals quickly locate resolutions to customer issues. Support reps can efficiently search resources such as prior call tickets, standard problems and resolutions, and stored procedures, or access reference materials such as manuals, FAQ and white papers

Help Customers Help Themselves

Reduce costs by empowering customers to find the answers they need — online at their convenience. The Infor CRM Web Customer Portal puts the same intelligence used by your support team on your Web site, along with a powerful search engine that simplifies the self-service experience. With Infor CRM Support, customers and employees around the world can also create and track support tickets online, anytime.

Share Information with Sales and Marketing

A record of every support interaction is stored within each customer’s account history in Infor CRM, so employees from Sales and Marketing to Accounting and Finance can share a complete view of all account activity.