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Paperless Workflow

As an HR professional, do you believe you spend too much time tracking down forms and wish you could focus on what’s really important for your job? Easy and affordable paperless workflow solutions exist today that eliminate the administrative burden of paperwork in your organization by providing both HR professionals and managers the ability to quickly and easily execute web-based forms, route them for approval and save the information directly in your HRMS. 

How would eliminating paper-based forms throughout the entire employee lifecycle improve your organization? It can revolutionize the way you do business! Some of the benefits going paperless include:

  • Streamline processes and improve efficiency:
  • Provides time saving monitoring capabilities that reduce the need for “hunting down” change processes and other approval forms.
  • Having to re-route forms when required approvals have been missed
  • Eliminate the challenges of trying to read hand-written forms
  • Decreased data-entry errors in the HRMS results in an increase in employee satisfaction and better data integrity.
  • Other problems that can result from a paper-based process.
  • Ensure consistency with business processes:
  • Create documented online processes around required data in forms and how they should be routed for approval to ensure reliability and consistency with day-to-day business activities.
  • Eliminate costs related to paper-based processes:
  • A study by the Boston Consulting Group found that it cost employers on average $25,000 per employee to fill a four drawer office cabinet.
  • Costs of paper-based processes include paper, printing, copying, postage, storage, filing and recycling.
  • Typical investments in paperless workflow are paid back in an eight to ten month period. The typical hard costs include overnight freight costs, postage, paper storage (rent, insurance, and filing cabinets), labels, file folders, offsite storage and retrieval, additional audit expense, etc. These expenses are easily quantifiable in identifying the expenses of paper.
  • Improve employee morale and responsiveness:
  • Improved self-service propels the organization in the direction of growth while strengthening employee morale and job market competitiveness.
  • Establish better record-keeping
  • Recorded audit trails of what fields were filled out, when they were approved, who signed off on them and when they were completed give much better visibility into HR processes.
  • Become more environmentally-friendly

Paperless forms and workflow can provide HR professionals and managers with the capability to simplify the employee on-boarding process, change process, and performance assessment process. This type of functionality allows for the replacement of paper forms via interactive web-based forms, that are easy to use, and result in submitted actions that are complete, accurate, and secure.