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ERP for Food Manufacturers

How does Sage X3 help process manufacturers manage risk?

Sage X3 (formerly Sage ERP X3) helps food processors meet traceability requirements as well as end-to-end business needs. Designed with the process manufacturer in mind, X3 leads the way in food processing ERP, enabling compliance with FSMA and other important regulations, managing lots and traceback, supporting quality control, recipe and formula, management, and full audit controls.

RM Foods uses Sage X3 to deliver the data they need to be competitive

Sage X3 Food Processing Visual Process

How does Sage ERP X3 help manage FDA compliance?

Did You Know?

81% of food industry respondents deem financial risk from recalls as significant to catastrophic according to a recent report by Ernst & Young for the Grocery Manufacturers Association. 56% of those same respondents have been affected by a product recall in the past 5 years. Read “Introduction to Sage X3: FDA Compliance and Product Recalls” to learn how a flexible ERP solution like X3 can manage food processing compliance requirements associated with traceability, FSMA, HACCP, and more.

How does Sage X3 help manage FDA compliance?

Traceability in Food Processing - Is Your Business at Risk?

This on-demand video features a panel of food industry experts discussing the risks, challenges and opportunities for food processing companies when it comes to traceability and compliance across the supply chain. Regulatory and market changes are creating new challenges for food processors - our panel of experts offers their take on the most pressing issues and how to solve them with cost-effective ERP.

Traceability in Food Processing - Is Your Business at Risk?

Traceability in Food Processing