The easiest HRIS for managing all your employee data

Ascentis HRIS/HRMS is a wizard-driven, intuitive HR software solution for mid-market companies of all industries. When managing employee data, Ascentis HR automates complex business transactions, eliminates manual processes, and reduces systemic errors.

Increase Employee Engagement

Engage your employees by using a company-branded employee portal as a central repository for all things employee related. Easy to use configuration tools and security are available allowing your HR team to easily push out relevant content to targeted groups of employees at anytime from anywhere! Paperless open enrollment delivered through a self-service portal supports an accurate and convenient enrollment process, and electronic communications to carriers eliminates billing errors and inadvertent over-payments.

Capture and track what matters to you

Ascentis HRIS allows you to capture – and report on – critical data for your unique organizational needs. Do you need to track specific professional licensing? Hardware or company assets? Memberships or parking permissions? Whatever you need to track, Ascentis HR can easily do it for you.

ACA (Affordable Care Act) compliance

Ascentis HRIS (with Self-Service) offers an ACA Dashboard that will help you determine if you’re in compliance with the ACA. This standard feature focuses on the affordability provisions of the ACA and supports all three ACA safe harbors. We are continually developing new features to ensure you have the tools and resources you need to remain compliant with the ACA.

Comprehensive benefits administration

Ascentis HR supports a wide variety of benefits plans with powerful, rules-based benefits engines. Ascentis automatically calculates employees’ and dependents’ eligibility, tracks all enrollment changes over time, and quickly generates benefits statements.

Meaningful insights and trends

Ascentis HRIS software makes HR teams more strategic with key metrics. View turnover percentage by review rating, headcount by age range, salary ranges by review rating, and more. Mining your data for key trends allows HR to advise management in strategic development processes and planning.

Innovative employee communications

The Ascentis Correspondence Wizard allows you to quickly communicate with groups or individuals via email. Emails are tracked in employees’ records so you always have a history of the content and send-date.

Powerful reporting capability

Get more than 300 standard reports and the ability to create unlimited custom reports that will give you deep access to your employee data. On-the-fly reporting provides timely insight, and can expose organizational trends that will help you and your management staff make the best data-driven decisions that support your organizational objectives.

Fast and easy implementation

Our implementation process is fast and easy, and we usually implement software in just a few weeks. We provide a clear statement of work that shows every step of the schedule and who is responsible for each step in the process. We are absolutely dedicated to keeping our clients in the loop and ensuring all deadlines are met on time.

Ascentis HR