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Blytheco Support For Sage Clients

What's the difference between Blytheco Support and Sage Support?

Blytheco Support is designed to compliment Sage's Support Plans to provide your business with a total support solution. Sage only supports its own software on the current releases. Operating system issues, custom modifications and enhancements or non-current version support will be referred back to Blytheco.

Sage Phone Support Plans are "Phone Help Desk Support" only. They do not understand accounting or customer relationship management principles. They are software support technicians. Thus, it is important to continue your relationship with Blytheco. We can provide services such as system consulting, on-site support, accounting experience training, implementation and consultation.

Why Renew Before Your Sage Maintenance Plan Expires?

As a Sage user, you probably know that Sage requires an annual software maintenance fee in order for you to keep receiving program updates. If your maintenance plan expires and you fail to renew it, the penalty is that you pay for all the prior year’s maintenance fees (in full) plus a penalty fee. We’ve seen these penalties amount to several thousand dollars – and they are nearly impossible to get waived. Why renew your Sage support plan through Blytheco instead of Sage? What's the difference?

By keeping your Sage Maintenance Plan current, you are always guaranteed the latest version, the latest enhancements and the best price with no penalty or late fees.

Please contact our Maintenance Specialists immediately at (949) 583-9500, ext. 2500 to request a proposal – before your Maintenance Plan expires!

What Happens If Your Plan Lapses?

  • You can't add any modules
  • You can't add any user licenses
  • You can't get Tax Table Updates
  • You can't get Sage Phone Support
  • You can't get Blytheco preferred support prices
  • You can't access Sage’s Online Service & Support
  • You can't get any patches or fixes
  • You can't get the newest features and additions