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Today's shipping is very information intensive, and there is no better place to access this information than directly from the orders in the financial system.

Because StarShip shipping software was designed to easily integrate with financial systems, it provides the most efficient and error-free way to ship your orders.

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Multi-carrier support ...
StarShip comes standard with UPS support. Optional modules are available for U.S. Postal Service, Federal Express, Airborne Express and more.

... to Financial System Interfaces.
StarShip gives you real time access to many financial systems on the market today. Simply enter the order number and StarShip retrieves the ship-to name and address, P.O. Number, ship-via and more. StarShip even makes your accounting department more efficient by automatically updating orders with freight charges and tracking information. This real-time integration allows you to invoice orders immediately after they are shipped. Just think about what this will do for customer service!

StarShip shipping software offers a rich set of features.

StarShip is certified by UPS as a UPS OnLine® Compatible shipping system. It also features a new FedEx Internet module that is certified by FedEx. Starship Supported Carriers
Repeat button lets you easily copy the properties of an existing package to a new package.
Prints carrier-approved shipping labels on thermal label printers, such as Eltron or Zebra.
You can easily enter multi-package shipments, and select a different carrier for each one.
Switching carriers and rate shopping is only a click away.
New database supports dimensional weight.
Supports electronic scales for automatic reading of the parcel weight.
StarShip Features:
  • Available plug-and-play interfaces for dozens of popular financial systems.
  • Available carriers include: UPS, FedEx, USPS, Airborne, Spee-Dee and User-Defined.
  • Supports 3rd Party Parcel Insurance that saves you over 65%.
  • Network version allows the whole office to quote freight, ship, and track packages.
  • Export feature places shipping information into other applications.
  • Provides several reports, including Insurance, Daily Shipments by Customer, and Shipment History. Supports both standard and custom reports.
  • Detail tab provides carrier-specific tracking numbers, package contents notes, and label comments.
  • Applies Hundredweight/Multiweight rates automatically as they qualify both during processing and at end-of-day consolidation.
  • Supports departmental chargebacks, enabling you to assign shipping costs to specific departments within your company.
  • Additional handling allows you to add a per package service cost.
  • Offers carrier-specific options such as email Ship Notification, Ship Alert, and Delivery Confirmation.
  • History button allows easy access to shipment status and tracking.
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