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Customer Service

Enable service and support teams to quickly resolve customer issues and deliver a quality customer experience that builds loyal, profitable customer relationships. Quickly locate resolutions to problems, offer convenient self-service options to customers, and get robust reports that tell you if issues are being resolved in a timely manner.


Key Benefits to Your Business

Resolve customer service issues quickly

Settle urgent matters swiftly
  • Use Saleslogix SpeedSearch to locate resolutions to customer issues.
  • Access customer history quickly and efficiently to provide greater levels of service and resolve issues faster.

  • Exceed customer expectations
  • View all customer interactions across your customer-facing departments in a single, easy-to-use interface.
  • Understand purchase history so you can up-sell and cross-sell additional products or solutions that would benefit the customer.
  • Integrate with back-office solutions so team members have access to vital information such as credit history, payments, open invoices, inventory, and shipping information.

Manage tickets and service contracts effectively

Create and assign tickets
  • Create service tickets that contain detailed information such as a unique ticket ID number, contact information, status, urgency, and assignment.
  • Automatically assign tickets to the appropriate resource based on product, skill, or any other criteria you define.

  • Stay on top of hot issues
  • Assign status and urgency to tickets to ensure critical issues are handled quickly.
  • Schedule follow-up activities, action items, meetings, and phone calls on open issues.

  • Manage customer service contracts
  • Track service contract details, such as benefit level, price, and time or dollars remaining.

Track and manage defects and returns

Understand and resolve product issues
  • Track defect details including ID number, severity, priority, status, problem type, description, and source.
  • View associated tickets, returns, attachments, and asset information.
  • Use return management tools to create, assign, update, and monitor returned assets so returns are processed efficiently.

Provide customers with convenient self-service options

Improve customer experience and reduce costs
  • Empower your customers to get support they need 24/7 with the Saleslogix Self-Service Web Portal.
  • Customers can view, add, or edit tickets and submit comments and attachments via the web.
  • Automatically distribute tickets to your service and support reps based on criteria you define.

Gain insight into team and product performance

Allocate your resources based on customer requirements
  • Quickly analyze ticket volume and trends, at the customer, product, or category level.
  • Create reports to understand call turnaround times, follow-up statistics, escalated tickets, unresolved tickets, and much more.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your team's performance as well as service and support levels using Saleslogix Advanced Analytics.

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