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Considering Sage CRM?

Explore Sage's award-winning CRM with these free video tutorials

These individual videos cover everything you want to know about Sage CRM. If you're considering a new CRM system, These free videos will give you a comprehensive look at Sage CRM, used by over 10,000 businesses worldwide. It’s CRM technology that makes your life easy and your business more profitable. Is Sage CRM right for you? Find out right now...

  • How to Create and Add Custom Fields to Sage CRM 5:38 min
  • How to Create User Templates and Users in Sage CRM 4:44 min
  • Performing a Data Import into in Sage CRM 13:29 min
  • How to Use eMarketing in Sage CRM 2:46 min
  • Exploring Entities within Sage CRM 15:48 min
  • Introduction to Sage CRM Layout and Navigation 5:58 min
  • Exploring MYCRM and TEAMCRM in Sage CRM 20:51 min
  • How to Create a New Company, Person and Opportunity 5:54 min
  • How to Use the Outlook Integration Plug-in in SageCRM 11:28 min
  • Performing a Search in Sage CRM 8:40 min
  • How to Create a Support Case in Sage CRM 3:54 min


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