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Sage MAS 200 SQL — is now known as Sage 100 Premium

What’s the Difference Between “Standard” Sage MAS 200® software and Sage MAS 200 software for SQL? The major difference is how your data is stored; the application programs and that functionality are identical in both products. In the “Standard” version the data is stored in individual b-tree type files on your server’s hard disk. In the SQL version the data is stored in normalized tables within a relational database. While both products provide access to the data via ODBC, data stored within a SQL database can provide a better foundation for reporting, analysis, and integration.

Sage MAS 200 software for SQL Server is a robust, full-fledged implementation that has been thoughtfully created to take full advantage of the SQL features that are especially beneficial to accounting and business management software. SQL Server 7.0 combines the power of a relational database with the ease of use that today’s businesses require. Pairing SQL Server 7.0 with the functionality and flexibility of Sage MAS 200 software, provides a high-performance, cost-effective, manageable accounting software solution. (Note: in 2012, Sage MAS 200 SQL will be renamed to Sage 100 Premium.)