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First of all, why renew?

We encourage you to maintain your Annual Support and Maintenance coverage (A.K.A. Sage Business Care) in order to:

What is included with my Support Plan?

You can renew with either Blytheco or Sage.
You'll get the exact same Sage Business Care® coverage.

So, why renew with Blytheco vs. Sage?

Renewing with Blytheco - "We do it for you."

You'll get a single consolidated, itemized invoice of
all maintenance and support for:

  • All Sage products
  • Additional modules and add-on modules
  • Custom solutions
  • Third-party solutions (scheduled to bill in the same calendar month)
  • You don't need to be an existing Blytheco customer.

Renewing with Sage - "Do it yourself."

You'll get multiple invoices for separate products from separate vendors:

  • First, you'll personally renew your Sage plan with Sage.
  • Then, You'll need to assess what other products you have, including: third-party products, custom modules, add-on modules, non-Sage product items like EDI, scanning, and other productivity tools.
  • Finally, you'll need to reach out to each of these vendors individually to ensure that you have renewed everything you need.

OK, how do I do it?

To renew with Blytheco:

Call (877) 411-2339 or send us an email at,
or fill out this no-obligation form. (You don't have to be an existing Blytheco customer.)

To renew with Sage:

To subscribe or get more details call: 866-709-2432