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Blytheco Startup Resource Center

We’re big believers in startups at Blytheco. Blytheco was a startup 35+ years ago, and we still know how it felt. We’ve also worked with thousands of startups and small businesses, and we’re inspired by what they achieve, both when they start and as they achieve critical mass. As a result, we know that starting a new business and growing it is hard. That’s why we’re offering this compilation of resources—both our own and from other leading sources—to help you on your journey. And if you need more help and advice, we’re here for you. Happy building.

1. Business Planning and Strategy

2. General Advice

3. Technology

4. Finance & Funding 101 for Startups

5. Pitch Deck Dos and Don’ts and Templates

6. Startup Marketing

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Human Capital Management
Other Blytheco Resources
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