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Apparel Industry

Industry Description:
Companies that design, manufacture, market, and/or license brands for men's, women's, and/or children's clothing, footwear, and accessories.

The apparel industry makes clothing and related products, including men's, women's, and children's outerwear, underwear, sleepwear, bathing suits, hats, hosiery, furs, and many other items. In 2004 nearly 41 percent of the approximately 701,000 people employed in the industry helped to produce wearing apparel. The others were involved in the production of articles such as bed and table linens, curtains, tents, and other goods made from cloth.

The apparel industry consists of many small firms and a few large companies. Most firms employ fewer than twenty workers. New York City, once the United States' chief garment center, remains important, but many firms are now in the South and in large cities in other parts of the country. Some firms specialize in making one kind of clothing, such as inexpensive sports shirts or expensive evening dresses. Other firms specialize in one part of the manufacturing process, such as cutting fabric or sewing garments together.

Restructuring and returning to core competencies are common threads among the biggest operations in apparel making today. This elite group represents some $15 billion in revenue.

Sage Software products used in the apparel industry:


Sage 500

Sage 500 ERP is a highly reliable, robust, and integrated series of business applications delivering a complete business management solution that’s flexible, scalable and fullfeatured— offering key business insights to make your company more productive and profitable.

When a customer places an order, the system immediately delivers data to Sage 500, avoiding any hand-keying or possibility of error. The customer knows right away whether items are in stock. Credit cards are approved online for instant input into the Sage 500 system. Read more about Sage 500
Teva "In Its Element" With Sage 500 ERP

Sage 100 uses its Sage 100 system for practically everything, including entering orders, creating UPC codes, generating purchase orders, tracking receipt of goods, entering sales orders, allocating invoicing, picking, updating invoices and creating general ledger transactions.

When you choose a Sage ERP system, you gain the accounting and business management tools and the insights to propel your company to a more productive and profitable future. Select from more than 25 modules and hundreds of industry-specific add-ons to tailor a Sage 100 system to meet your business needs. And as you grow, you can expand the system to accommodate your company’s requirements long into the future. Read more about Sage 100
The Game (Sportswear)
GoLite (Outdoor equipment and apparel manufacturer) (Garment manufacturer)
Amfit (Orthotic insole fabrication and equipment manufacturing)

More solutions for apparel businesses:

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
Many of the larger retailers including Walmart, J.C. Penny, Federated Department Stores, Macys and Kohl's require vendors to use EDI. What is Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)? EDI is the computer to computer exchange of routine business information in a standard format. EDI transaction sets eliminate the need to re-enter critical data in commercial pay systems and accounting systems.
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Sage Software
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