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ABC Bus Companies, Inc.

Saleslogix Configration Engine Smoothes Ride for ABC Bus

ABC Bus needed to improve the ordering process for the custom motorcoaches it sells and leases. The company found exactly what it needed in Saleslogix Configuration Engine from Sage Software.

The Need: ABC needed to replace a manual, paper-based quoting and ordering system that was error prone and inefficient.

The Solution: ABC was already using Sage CRM Saleslogix for sales processes, they added the Sage CRM Saleslogix Configuration Engine to automate complex product quotes and tie them to opportunities in Saleslogix.

Salespeople now prepare quotes quickly and simply, using portable printers to provide customers with details on the spot. What used to take the better part of a week is now accomplished in moments.

Plus, with the quote integrated into the customer’s record in Sage Saleslogix, it’s always available for review. “When they talk to the customer later, they can pull up the same information as when they were sitting right in front of that customer,” says Morrison. That adds up to better customer service!

He adds, “Our salespeople have been very pleased with the system. Manually prepared quotes are now required only on very, very specialized vehicles.”

Those benefits are being felt throughout the entire company. Sage Saleslogix Configuration Engine is being integrated with ABC Bus’s inventory software, as well as with its ERP system.

“Saleslogix Configuration Engine eliminates any margin for error,” says Morrison.

Cummings sums it up simply, but well: “Everybody’s happy with the system.”

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