Top Questions Current Salesforce users may have:

1. How do I drive user adoption for our Salesforce?

The best ways to drive user adoption for your Salesforce is, one, to include them in the planning on the front end. If you don’t, not only will you will be missing out on some valuable input, but you run the risk of your users feeling alienated. Keep them interested by including them from the beginning. Second, have a solid implementation in place with clear instructions and training on how to use the system. The absolute worst thing that you can do is not have ‘limits’ and ‘controls’ in regards to the modifications of the platform. Too many changes in the way things are to be done AFTER the users have been trained (even if you feel it makes the system better) will lower your chances of user adoption and trust in the system. Instead, roll out modifications or additions quarterly or even twice a year.

2. How does Salesforce compare with other CRM products?

Essentially, all CRM products are databases. There are a few important things that set them apart however.

  • Cloud or On-Premise – Historically, most CRM products are software that you install on your local servers. Some of the On-Premise CRMs have been modified to be hybrids of both. Salesforce was built from the ground up to be a full-fledged Cloud application to truly fit the SaaS (Software as a Service) model.
  • NO SOFTWARE! – Being ‘in-the-cloud’ means there is absolutely NO software to install on your end. Once you begin your subscription, you are on your way. No servers to setup, no networks to tweak.
  • Unlike most CRM packages in its field, one of the hallmarks of Saleforce is its proclaimed ease-of-setup and use. This is true if you are looking for a quick, basic setup of the package; however, you will most likely need a consultant if you need a more robust implementation requiring deep customizations and programming.

3. How can Salseforce improve my sales process?

As its name implies, Salesforce was built for your Sales Force. With the right sales process plugged in and setup; your sales people will be able to step through your company’s pre-determined process effortlessly. It even supports multiple processes for different segments of your sales organization. When properly implemented and customized, sales teams will only see the screens and fields that they absolutely need to see; keeping confusion down and allowing them more time to sell.

4. How could I be using SF better? Can you help me understand?

If you originally started off with a basic installation of Salesforce, such as Salesforce Group, Professional or even Enterprise, and feel you are missing something; you are not alone. It is safe to say that a majority of companies are only utilizing about 30-40% of the Saleforce platforms full potential. Organizations that use a consultant to plan and implement (or re-implement) their Salesforce typically experience greater satisfaction, take advantage of a larger percentage of its capabilities and see a much faster ROI. Click here to see what you might be missing.

5. What parts (clouds) of Salesforce should I be using for MY business?

That is an excellent question and is one that would need further exploration. Salesforce has so much to offer between its different Clouds and the highly customizable API (Application Programming Interface) that only experience with the application can help truly answer that. Blytheco offers a no-obligation, complimentary Initial Discovery Call with one of our Salesforce professionals to help you determine if there are other Clouds that could help your organization be more efficient.

6. I buy more than I need? Do I really need all of this?

It is not uncommon for companies to sign up for more Saleforce than they need. Especially when it is self-implemented. The great news is; although there is no refund on what you initially signed up for, you aren’t stuck with it for the rest of your life. That is the beauty of the Salesforce subscription pricing model. Blytheco can help you determine if you have signed up for more than you need.

7. We self installed and we feel overwhelmed. Can you help us sort this out?

Absolutely. Re-implementation or ‘re-launch’ happens quit often when it comes to self-installed, self-implemented or self-setup scenerios. Blytheco offers a no obligation, complimentary Initial Discovery Call with one of our Salesforce professionals. We would love to speak with you about where you are at and help determine how to get where you want to be.

8. Can I integrate my other business applications with my Salesforce?

Yes! There are many pre-built integrations with industry standard ERP systems, cloud marketing solutions and other business applications. Some are effortless and some will require customizations and programming. It all depends on what you have in place and what you want to add. In some cases, Saleforce can replace one or more of those old legacy systems. Blytheco can help you determine the level of ease or difficulty. Click here to learn more.


Questions for Salesforce users

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