Did You Have a Bad Start?

Few things are more frustrating for an organization then to spend thousands of dollars on a software solution and receive little to no ROI or benefit from it.  One of the biggest reasons that CRM systems fall short in the end is due to poor implementation or ‘setup’ at the beginning.

Getting started on ‘the wrong foot’ with your Salesforce platform can lead to symptoms such as:

  • ‘Mountain-itis’ – Becoming increasingly aware that the scope of the project is bigger than anticipated.
  • Poor user adoption – Lack of a perceived purpose leads to no perceived benefit of use.
  • ‘Mystery Fields’  – Fields created ‘on-the-fly’.  In the end, nobody knows what they are for or who created them
  • Nice Telephone Book – System is used simply as a ‘contact manager’
  • Eighty Percent of Salesforce capability unused!
  • Falling out of love – No trust in the solution

Re-implementation - fall in love again

Let’s figure out why you ‘fell in love’ with Salesforce as your platform of choice in the first place; and then how to get back that ‘lovin’ feelin’ again. We will:

  • Collaborate with your teams
  • Help you document what the goal is for your Salesforce (Why you fell in love in the first place!)
  • Examine current processes, help reevaluate them and define new ones
  • Assist in determining what ‘Clouds’ are needed and most importantly NOT needed
  • Guide you in what will work ‘out-of-the-box’ and what needs custom coding
  • Develop the framework and scope
  • Build out the plan
  • Train you and help develop a training program
  • Save you money in the long-run

Salesforce Implementation by Blytheco

Salesforce Implementation:
Should We Do This Ourselves?

How does a company improve the odds for a successful Salesforce implementation?

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