Symptoms of not weighing the potential risks are:

For any large project such as a Salesforce implementation or re-implementation, there is a concern for potential risks that may occur before, during and after completion. Areas in a project that will have the greatest positive impact generally have the potential for the greatest risk. Here are some symptoms:
  • Project scope creep
  • Blowing past the budget
  • Blowing past the delivery or launch date
  • Functionality issues
  • Data loss
  • Not capturing the right data
  • No ROI
  • Lack of user adoption

Blytheco’s professional services team for Salesforce makes risk assessment a high priority in each of their projects. Each Salesforce project is carefully evaluated for any potential problems that could cause the conditions listed above.

Our Salesforce professionals:

  • Identify Project Risks at the beginning to maximize project success.
  • Analyze Risk Consequences to help understand and estimate the adverse costs for each risk identified.

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