About Rent an Admin

Get help with your Salesforce projects. Whether you’re looking to implement Salesforce or customize Salesforce, each can be a full-time job. With Blytheco’s Rent-An-Admin program, you are guaranteed a set number of consulting hours dedicated to exactly what you need.

Possible projects include but are not limited to:

  • Administering your Salesforce platform
  • Developing dashboards
  • Evaluating tasks and workflow
  • Creating reporting
  • Managing data
  • And More!

  • What does that mean? We’re offering a program for current Blytheco clients, as well as prospects. Pricing is based on the number of hours they need assistance.
  • Who does it apply to? Current Salesforce Users looking for help on projects and/or those prospects looking to adopt Salesforce
  • What is a “Rent An Admin”? Salesforce uses the term ‘Admin’ to define a Salesforce certified individual who has completed training as well as past a test to verify their backend Salesforce knowledge.
  • What do the hours include? A wide range of activities. We’ve outlined a few and attached it to this email, please reference the excel document.
  • Is there a policy for the purchased hours? Hours do expire. Hours are on a use it or lose it basis.
  • What does it include? Please find a pricing sheet attached as well as a spreadsheet outlining some options.
  • Why would I choose Premier without a subscription, go month-to-month, and get the same rate as our ad-hoc services plus have hours expire? The reason that an individual would go without a subscription is so that they would not have the hours expire. That being said though, the price is increased for that very reason. Maybe an individual has a very specific project that only involves 6 hours to implement. That individual would not want to sign up for a subscription because they know they only need help with their one initiative. By offering this pricing, we’re able to appeal to new and old Salesforce users.

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