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Focused Sales Management

Make the most of every sales opportunity.

Sage CRM directs your sales efforts towards the most profitable, most winnable deals, and helps you make the most of cross-selling and upselling opportunities. With instant access to pipelines, calendars, sales reports, contacts, and much more, your sales people are freed up to focus all their efforts on selling.

With Sage CRM, sales activities are streamlined and tracked, and best opportunities are seen in real-time. Sage CRM provides a snapshot of all opportunities within the sales pipeline, allowing sales teams to effectively analyze and manage deals at every stage.

Sage CRM Sales Features

  • Maximize the value of each and every sales opportunity in your pipeline
  • Create accurate quotes and orders in a couple of clicks
  • Manage collaboration and team selling across your department with ease
  • Eliminate guesswork; make decisions based on accurate, real-time information
  • Empower your team and boost productivity with a single view of leads, opportunities, tasks and activities
  • Maximize cross and up-sell opportunities
  • Delight each user with a great CRM experience with cross-browser and mobile access
  • Leverage your financial information using back-office data within Sage ERP
  • Reduce the time spent in the office on sales administration (more time on sales calls)
  • Enable sales teams to work effectively regardless of their location with Sage CRM mobile solutions
  • Expand internal team collaboration using Sage CRM and Yammer

Sage CRM for sales team

Sage CRM is an easy to use solution for your sales team video

Sage CRM is an easy to use solution for your sales team video

"Sage CRM drives efficiency which is the same as profitability for a business like ours. Information is king. It gives us a level of reporting and a snapshot of each aspect of the business with a level of detail we didn’t have before."

Jay Lentz, Client Development Executive, Lincoln Waste Solutions

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