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Integrate Your Sage CRM and Sage ERP Solutions

Sage CRM and Sage ERP work better together.

Integrated with your Sage ERP applications, Sage CRM provides a complete view of the business and streamlined end-to-end business management capabilities.

Integration with leading Sage ERP systems gives your employees access to all the customer data they need for a complete view of every customer; making every customer interaction more informative and effective. These integration capabilities give everyone in your business access to financial and transactional customer data in addition to CRM data for a true single view of the customer.

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How Sage CRM and Sage ERP can help your business

  • Improve interdepartmental communications by enabling different departments to work with the same information and collaborate effectively.
  • Create new business modules in minutes with simple tooltips to guide you through the entire process
  • Reduce duplication of data and of work by giving employees a means of updating a single, central database.
  • Make more informed business decisions by providing managers a better view of your business and of customers.
  • Drive profitability with more productive employees and efficient business processes.
"Previously, incoming customer queries could only be dealt with by looking through disconnected spreadsheets, documents and billing software. “Now it’s all on one screen which makes our people much more productive."

Jay Lentz, Client Development Executive, Lincoln Waste Solutions

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