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Sage CRM Microsoft Outlook Integration is Out-of-the-Box

Integration with Microsoft Outlook comes naturally

Sage CRM offers powerful integration with Microsoft Outlook. In addition to e-mail integration, the Outlook integration enables bi-directional synchronization of appointments, tasks, and contacts—resulting in a convenient, straightforward, seamless user experience.

Sage CRM offers the functionality to file Outlook e-mails against records in the Sage CRM database providing users with a complete view of all correspondence. Users can send e-mails within Sage CRM using Microsoft Outlook and automatically store the e-mail and any attachments with any given record. Sage CRM also offers the ability to access and work with the entire Sage CRM system directly through the Microsoft Outlook interface, increasing user adoption through familiarity and eliminating the requirement to switch between interfaces.

Sage CRM and Microsoft Outlook integration can be applied across functions, departments, and roles, helping to increase user adoption and leading to greater efficiencies. And getting started is easy. Once the set up is complete users can leverage it immediately. The rapid implementation of this solution is only the beginning of a fast, efficient, and easy-to-use feature, which opens up innumerable possibilities and benefits.

Outlook Integration:

  • Synchronize e-mails, appointments, contacts, and tasks between Sage CRM and Microsoft Outlook
  • Work with Microsoft Outlook while in Sage CRM or vice versa
  • Get started quickly and begin taking advantage of the benefits immediately for a rapid ROI
  • Improve information sharing across your company
  • Enhance user adoption by providing employees with a system that looks and feels familiar
  • Cross-reference information between Sage CRM and Microsoft Outlook for better analysis


Planning Appointments and Tasks
With the Sage CRM and Microsoft Outlook Integration users can simply and seamlessly synchronize appointments and tasks. Synchronization is bi-directional meaning Sage CRM and Microsoft Outlook are simultaneously updated.

File E-mails and Import E-mails
Match Outlook e-mails with records in Sage CRM.

Staff Adoption
Using the Sage CRM and Microsoft Outlook integration, staff can use the Sage CRM system from within the familiar Microsoft Outlook interface.

Access to Information
Accelerated access to information with the ability to search for communications and contacts using powerful Sage CRM find and advanced tools.

Customer Communications
All customer communications and attachments can be stored in the Sage CRM database and cross referenced with Microsoft Outlook.

Data Flow
Contacts and calendar items flow between the Sage CRM and Microsoft Outlook applications.

User Preferences
Some users prefer to work within the Microsoft Outlook interface and some prefer to use the Sage CRM interface.

Working Practices
The Sage CRM and Microsoft Outlook integration streamlines working practices.

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