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Warehouse Management

Manage Inventory Transfers, Stocking Locations, Wave and Zone Picking With Warehouse Management

Sage 500 ERP (Sage MAS 500) provides industry-leading inventory and warehouse management capabilities for wholesale distributors, manufacturers, and other companies that buy, stock, sell or manufacture products. The Warehouse Management module is an extension of the Inventory Management and Inventory Replenishment modules, providing advanced features, including bin tracking, three-step inventory transfers, and both wave and zone picking.

Three-step inventory transfers utilize in-transit warehouses and replenishment logic to drive demand backward to source warehouses while tracking supplies as they move from warehouse to warehouse within the internal supply chain. Bins are used for much more than identifying inventory locations. Bins are embedded within Sage 500 ERP to manage stock movement and inventory transactions such as receiving, picking, physical inventory counting, and even manufacturing material issues and finished goods processing.

Distributors and manufacturers with larger warehouses and more sophisticated distribution centers typically use zone or wave picking methods, which allow pickers to concentrate on items within a particular area of the warehouse. These picking methods minimize employee movement while dramatically increasing the number of orders that can be picked during each shift.
Benefits of Warehouse Management for Sage 500:
  • Manage inventory more efficiently with advanced warehouse management features.
  • Three-step inventory transfers allow items to be replenished from other warehouses and track supplies as they move between warehouse locations within the internal supply chain.
  • Advanced bin management is used extensively to manage stock movement and inventory transactions for receiving, picking, physical inventory counting, manufacturing material issues, and finished goods processing.
  • Reduce costs and improve efficiency with advanced capabilities including wave and zone picking for larger warehouses and distribution centers.
  • Analyze and monitor Warehouse Management data for greater insights into inventory movement.
Sage 500 Warehouse Management
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