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Saleslogix Marketing Solutions

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Using your marketing budget and resources wisely means launching effective, timely marketing campaigns across all of your sales channels. Saleslogix provides full-scale marketing campaign management capabilities, including powerful lead management, targeted customer segmentation, multi-channel marketing communications, budget and ROI tools, and business analytics tools. All are designed to target your most profitable prospects and customers, shorten your sales cycle, and increase marketing efficiencies.

Benefit from Lead Management That Matches Your Unique Preferences
Robust lead management capabilities help you efficiently perform the complex task of importing and processing leads—ensuring that hot leads are quickly routed to the appropriate person or team! Easily import leads from trade shows or purchased lists; perform lead de-duplication; and qualify leads so only clean, viable leads are captured within Saleslogix. Leads can be automatically distributed1 to your sales teams so they’re acted on as soon as possible. You can even assign activities with leads, such as scheduling a meeting, phone call, or a to-do task; record notes; perform mass actions; and more to ensure the appropriate action is taken, driving the lead closer to an opportunity or sale.

And, whether a lead, contact, or account has responded to a campaign, clicked on your web page, requested literature, or discussed a product or service with an employee, every instance of an expressed interest can be captured in Saleslogix and pursued for future campaign and sales activities.
Benefits Snapshot:
  • Segment customers and prospects for effective targeting
  • Deliver high-impact marketing communications and drip campaigns that bring in new leads and sales
  • Increase lead conversion rates by qualifying based on your criteria
  • Automate lead distribution so hot sales opportunities are not missed
  • Enhance marketing efficiencies using sophisticated lead management tools
  • Ensure your marketing effectiveness with campaign tracking and budgeting tools
  • Gain valuable market and product insight to make better business decisions
Saleslogix Marketing
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