Project Accounting for Sage 500

Make Proactive Decisions by Tracking Real-Time Costs

Project managers can track actual against estimated costs through forecast completion, which helps prevent cost overruns and generates bottom-line savings. The Project Accounting module’s detailed estimating function allows estimation of multiple cost types, giving users the ability to report and analyze data at multiple levels. Data-driven contract rates handle numerous and complex project rates, making it easy for project managers to control rate changes and profitability. As project scope evolves, Project Accounting permits changes to the estimated budget to increase forecast accuracy throughout project lifecycles.

Project Accounting allows project managers to optimize project profitability through appropriate project type selection—whether it’s time and materials, fixed price, or both. The ability to assign multiple profit recognition methods within projects provides strict profit recognition control on every project.

Project Accounting provides remote time and expense entry and project status inquiry from anywhere in the world through the Internet. With this capability, project managers and supervisors can obtain timely information about project profitability, while remote workers are assured their time and expenses are accurately tracked and entered.
Benefits of Sage 500 Project Accounting:
  • Monitor all details of your project, including estimates, change orders, purchase orders, timesheets, and billing.
  • Track projects closely to prevent cost overruns and generate bottom-line savings.
  • Process your time and materials against one or multiple projects.
  • Input expenses electronically as they are incurred without the hassles of paper submission.
  • Enjoy seamless integration to Sage 500 ERP General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Inventory, Purchase Order, and MRP modules.
  • Provide a wide range of invoicing and customization options to meet specific customer needs.
Sage 500 Project Accounting
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