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Sage 500 (MAS 500) - Customer Relationship Management

Whether or not a company survives in this competitive market, more often than not the difference comes down to front office performance. Sage Mas 500 enables a level of integrated customer relationship management (CRM) that equips companies with the front office capabilities they need to manage the growing demands of today's business environment. After all, it's about thriving - not just surviving.

MAS 500 ERP Customer Relationship Management

Saleslogix Customer Service and Support for Sage 500

Saleslogix provides your customer service and support teams with a complete view of all customer interactions so they can better service, support, and sell to prospects and customers.
Saleslogix Customer Service for Sage 500

Saleslogix Marketing for Sage 500

Saleslogix provides full-scale marketing campaign management capabilities, including powerful lead management, targeted customer segmentation, multi-channel marketing communications, budget and ROI tools, and business analytics tools.

Saleslogix Sales for Sage 500

With Saleslogix, you can more effectively manage opportunities, monitor and forecast sales activity, and automate key sales processes—shortening your sales cycle and helping your sales team to close more deals.

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