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Multicurrency Management for Sage 500 (Sage MAS 90)

Capitalize on International Opportunities
The Sage 500 ERP (formerly Sage ERP MAS 500) Multicurrency Management module allows you to optimize your international opportunities by providing a streamlined, flexible way to manage multiple currencies, exchange schedules, and currency fluctuations.

You can save time and streamline your business processes by using the power of automation to create and maintain an unlimited number of currencies and exchange rate schedules. You can use Multicurrency Management to update exchange rates on a daily basis and record realized or unrealized gains and losses due to currency fluctuations to the general ledger accounts assigned to the currency. Realized gains and losses are automatically posted when the transaction is settled.

The Sage 500 ERP Multicurrency Management module gives you the critical data you need for more informed decision making and improved trend analysis. Standard reports and registers create a complete audit trail of detail activity before posting. And with the ability to retain detail postings and monthly summaries for an unlimited number of years, you can gain additional insight by having more information at your disposal for year-to-year comparisons.
Benefits of Sage 500 Multicurrency Manager:
  • Expand into international markets that use currencies other than your home currency
  • Save time and increase accuracy by automatically performing currency conversions for all accounting transactions
  • Create a wide variety of exchange rate schedules and update exchange rates daily from the source currency to the target currency
  • Easily record realized or unrealized gains and losses due to fluctuations in currency rates to the General Ledger account assigned to the currency
  • Streamline period-end processing by eliminating the complication of having to manually adjust for multiple currencies and exchange rates
  • Set up an unlimited number of exchange schedules for maximum flexibility and time savings
  • Protect any confidential transactions and account information by organizing security groups to restrict access
Sage 500 Multicurrency Management
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