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Material Requirements Planning for Sage 500

Manage Material Requirement Planning (MRP) from a Single Planning Screen

It is impossible to understand material and distribution requirements across a large company without advanced planning tools. Sage 500 ERP (formerly Sage MAS 500) uses historical data and advanced replenishment formulas to help you understand current and future material and distribution requirements and how they will affect your business.

Unlike legacy MRP systems, Sage 500 ERP provides provides up-to-date item statistics, including on-hand quantities, current purchase orders, work orders, transfer orders, and other elements that affect planning decisions. MRP also integrates with the Sage 500 ERP Project Accounting system. This integration provides a critical management system for companies with material-intensive projects.

The planning activity provides insightful information to help you make purchasing and production scheduling decisions based on industry-standard practices and flexible, reallife circumstances. The Sage 500 interactive planning methodology is one of the easiest material management systems available today.
Sage 500 Material Requirements Planning:
  • Produce accurate material and distribution plans using advanced replenishment formulas and demand forecasting principles.
  • Easily customize plans prior to MRP generation using flexible sorting and selection criteria.
  • Multiple MRP versions enable management of separate MRP plans by product line, by manufacturing facility, by warehouse, or other user-defined criteria, with what-if simulation.
  • Easy-to-use single planning screen creates suggested purchase orders, work orders, and transfer orders.
  • Integration with Project Accounting provides buyers and project managers with effective management of project materials
  • Integration with Advanced Planning and Scheduling provides the capacity to synchronize manufacturing material needs to production resource availability, creating resource constrained material plans and lower material inventories.
Material Requirements Planning
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