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Sage 500 (MAS 500)—Manufacturing

Sage 500 has powerful manufacturing modules that were designed for a variety of discrete, process, and mixed-mode manufacturers. Features include routings, bills of materials, estimating, shop floor control, product configuration, engineering change management, production scheduling, material requirements planning (MRP), and more. The base system is available in a light and advanced model depending on whether or not you choose to use Work Orders to track production and labor information. Click here to view the Advanced Manufacturing and Distribution Overview Brochure
Sage 500 ERP Manufacturing Software

Light Manufacturing (Manage Light Manufacturing Processes)

Sage 500 ERP (formerly Sage MAS 500) Light Manufacturing module is the perfect product to help you manage production and kit assembly without complicated labor transactions or material issues.
Light Manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing (Manage Heavy Manufacturing)

The Sage 500 ERP (formerly Sage MAS 500) Advanced Manufacturing module includes all the functionality of the Light Manufacturing/Advanced kitting module as well as enhanced work orders and labor and production reporting.
Advanced Manufacturing

Co-products, By-products & Disassembly

One of the unique features of Sage 500 (formerly Sage MAS 500) is the system's ability to correctly manage and cost co-products, by-products, and disassembly of finished goods into component parts and raw materials. Co-products functionality is included in the Advanced Manufacturing module. The flexible production reporting and manufacturing costing system supports family molds, progressive dies, and other industries with co-products. Companies can identify scrap standards and quality control issues to specific parts. Different quantities and costs for materials, labor, outside operations, and overhead may be assigned to unique co-products or applied to all co-products proportionately. Sage MAS 500 supports disassembly of parent items into components and raw materials at standard costs.

Advanced Planning & Scheduling (managing schedules and resources)

Sage 500 ERP (formerly Sage MAS 500) includes one of the most powerful and easy-to-use Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) modules available today.

Material Requirements Planning (MRP) (understand material and distribution requirements.)

Sage 500 ERP (formerly Sage MAS 500) uses historical data and advanced replenishment formulas to help you understand current and future material and distribution requirements and how they will affect your business.

Estimating (Easier, more accurate estimates)

The Sage 500 ERP (formerly Sage ERP MAS 500) Estimating module provides detailed estimating capabilities to help you increase business while improving your bottom line.

Shop Floor Control (labor and production reporting)

The Sage 500 ERP (formerly Sage MAS 500) Shop Floor Control module provides real-time labor and production reporting for online production visibility throughout the enterprise.

Product Configurator

Designed for use in either distribution or manufacturing environments, this advanced solution helps the user configure base products quickly using a double mouse-click or search function to choose preconfigured options for each customer order.

Engineering Change Management

The Sage 500 ERP (formerly Sage ERP MAS 500) Engineering Change Management (ECM) module integrates with email notifications, providing instant visibility and standardized approval methods for routing and bill of material changes.

Project Management for Manufacturers

If so, the Sage 500 ERP (formerly Sage MAS 500) Project Management solution can keep all of your project managers informed and equip them with the tools they need to manage these projects profitably.
Advanced Manufacturing and Distribution Overview
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