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Inventory Replenishment for Sage 500 (Sage MAS 500)

Streamline Inventory Management Through Demand Forecasting and Automated Procurement

The Inventory Replenishment module for Sage 500 ERP (formerly Sage ERP MAS 500) provides two powerful, unique competitive advantages to your organization. First, forecasting can help accurately predict what customers will buy, reducing inventory carrying costs of unwanted goods while ensuring customers that you can carry the items they demand. Second, automated procurement produces system-generated purchase orders and transfer orders to reduce labor costs and improve accuracy. Unparalleled cost calculations can minimize transaction and overhead costs by creating optimal orders for each vendor.

Knowing what to stock or build to meet your customers’ demands is one of the most critical decisions you can make in your business. Too much stock can result in lower margins, high inventory carrying costs, and excess damage as stock remains in-house too long. However, shortages can be even worse, as customers who can’t get an item in a reasonable time may call your competitors. Fortunately, the forecasting capabilities in Sage 500 ERP can help you meet this demand-planning challenge by providing flexible calculations that can be adjusted by warehouse, customer, season, product group, or every individual item.

Sage 500 ERP customers can use the Inventory Replenishment system or the Material Requirements Planning system to process replenishment orders. In short, Inventory Replenishment offers the strongest supply chaincentric forecasting and automated procurement tools available today.
Sage 500 Inventory Replenishment Benefits:
  • Accurately forecast demand for inventory items and adjust calculations by warehouse, customer, season, product group, or individual item.
  • Maximize revenue and customer satisfaction by minimizing the chance of stock outs.
  • Reduce inventory carrying costs by accurately stocking warehouses.
  • Improve accuracy and reduce labor costs with automated procurement that generates purchase orders and transfer orders based on forecasts and user-defined inputs.
  • Optimize procurement by automatically taking into account vendor lead times, overhead costs, and economic benefits of purchasing other products from the vendor at the same time.
  • Tailor replenishment calculations to match your unique business practices.
Sage 500 Inventory Replenishment
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