Extended Item Description for Sage 500

For some Sage MAS 500 users, the 255 character limit for a Long Description in the Maintain Item record is too restrictive. They want to include material specifications, quality control requirements, safety instructions or other detailed text with their item records.

Include All the Text You Want

To meet those needs, Blytheco is offering Extended Item Description – a solution that enhances your Sage 500 Maintain Item record to allow entry of an unlimited amount of text.

One click on a custom Extended Description button gives you access to a pop-up window for entering and editing your text. Data entry for similar items is easy because your descriptive text can be copied from one record to another, using standard cut and paste options and text editing.

Print Extended Descriptions on Forms
By providing the flexibility to print your stored descriptions on internal or external documents and forms, this enhancement also offers an easy and cost-effective way to communicate important information about raw materials and finished goods to your customers and vendors. Your extended descriptions can be included on any of these custom forms:
Purchase Order
Sales Order Acknowledgement
Packing List
Features Include:
Attach unlimited text to individual finished goods and raw material items.
Record material specifications and other important data by item.
Easily display extended descriptions on forms, including purchase orders and sales order acknowledgements.
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