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Business Insights Dashboard for Sage 500

Manage With Insight
In today’s technological age, business is moving at hyperspeed. Executives and management teams are constantly being bombarded by an avalanche of information. To stay competitive in this climate, you have to be able to home in on pertinent information and assess market changes as they happen.

The Business Insights Dashboard module keeps you in charge of your business by channeling all the information you need into one convenient and powerful dashboard. Business Insights Dashboard provides an unsurpassed level of knowledge management that consolidates critical personal, corporate, and external information and enables single-click access to analytical and collaborative tools. Using .NET and web browser technology, Business Insights Dashboard puts up-to-date company metrics, ad-hoc inquiry, analysis, and competitive intelligence at your fingertips.

By leveraging key performance indicators in your business, you can move from reactive to proactive—improving customer satisfaction as well. Business Insights Dashboard empowers you with the insight to seize opportunities and confidently make the critical business decisions that will shape your company’s future.
Benefits of Business Insights Dashboard:
  • Consolidates critical personal, corporate, and external information
  • Puts industry news and competitive intelligence at your fingertips
  • Provides single-click access to analytical and collaborative tools
  • Offers summaries and detailed views of Sage 500 ERP sales, product, and customer analyses
  • Security privileges restrict access to predefined individuals or groups
  • Allows you to define and track key performance indicators (KPIs) for your business
  • Provides full access to Business Insights Explorer Views for ad-hoc inquiry and transaction drill-down
Business Insights Dashboard
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